Being a non-profit organization, Access Dental Care keeps track of a number of statistics and performance numbers. The following totals are from our inception in August, 2000 to December, 2013.

Access Dental Care Totals from
August, 2000 – December, 2013

    •  64 Facilities Served
    •  57 Active Facilities
    •  12,965 Patients Served
    •  1,017 Patients with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
    •  472 Operating Room Patients (Most are persons with profound intellectual
    •  77,012 Patient Visits
    •  122,872 Patient Services
        1. 70% Diagnostic/Preventive
                56,639 Diagnostic (exams, x-rays)
                29,843 Preventive (cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants)
        2. 12% Restorative (14,949 fillings)
        3. 11% Oral Surgery (13,320 extractions and other surgery)
        4. 4% Removable Prosthetics (5,380 denture procedures - dentures, partials, relines,             repairs)
        5. 1% Perio (2,135 treatments – scaling/root planing, surgery)
        6. <1% Fixed Prosthetics (466 crown and bridge units)
        7. <1% Endodontic (140 root canals)

    •  $11,353,448 Gross Production over thirteen years.
    •  $1.5 million of Foundation/Grant funding for capital expenses





Gross Production




Net Income
(Including Retainers)




Uncompensated Care




  • Average gross production per appointment was $170.00 in 2013
  • 80% are Medicaid recipients

Education, Advocacy and Research numbers are not included


Access Dental Care provides on-site, high quality dental care to the frail elderly and the intellectually disabled/developmentally disabled (ID/DD) populations in long-term care facilities, nursing and group homes. Our comprehensive dental services include:

• x-rays
• cleanings
• extractions
• fillings
• dentures & bridges
• oral cancer exams
• treatment for gum disease

Each day, we transport portable dental equipment in a customized truck to a different facility, unloading the equipment and setting up the dental office within the facility for the day.

Prior to a patient being seen, the person responsible for each patient's care approves services before treatment can be delivered. In most cases, patients are brought to the dental room unless bedside care is required. We see an average of 15 patients per day and currently provide quality dental services to over 4,000 patients in a nine county service area. To see a list and location of facilities served for these counties, please click on our facilities and map link. Facilities list and map link.

We currently provide treatment to those patients whose Medicaid benefits include dental services. Access Dental Care accepts Medicaid reimbursement as payment and handles all billing. Both Medicaid and private patients are seen during the day.

The dental team provides treatment services to those patients who are not Medicaid eligible on a fee-for-service basis including a facility visit (house call) fee for each patient through an arrangement with Bill Milner, DDS, PA.

At the end of the day, once all patients have been treated, the equipment is loaded back on the truck and preparations made for the next day of treatment at another facility.

Access Dental Care and Dr. Bill Milner also offer treatment in the hospital setting for those patients whose behavior is such that dental care is impossible otherwise.

What's unique about special care patients are that most are susceptible to rampant decay and gum problems secondary to general health problems, long-term medication use, and inability to clean their own mouths. Daily oral care and preventive care are typically overlooked and the result is often emergency care as a last resort.

At each contracted facility, we implement an ongoing oral health care training program to improve the standard of oral health among all residents. Our training program enables facility staff to carry out mouth assessments and provide adequate daily oral care to residents.

To inquire about or schedule an appointment to receive our dental care services please contact us through our email or call: 336-626-7232.
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